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As we all should know, hoof trimming is not only about trimming cows feet. There is a lot of expertise and know-how required to identify and treat many of the ailments that you may come across. Knowing the proper medications to bring along is critical.

Here are 6 must-have medications for hoof trimming:

1.) Hydrogen Peroxide

One of the most overlooked hoof medications for abscesses and cuts is hydrogen peroxide. This may seem like common sense for some, but we’re seeing less and less of it being used in our industry.

Hydrogen Peroxide tips:
Hydrogen Peroxide can be used anywhere, from the toes up the leg. If an abscess is present above the sole of the foot, drain the puss from the area, and fill it full of hydrogen peroxide with a 60cc syringe. Redrain the residual puss along with the hydrogen peroxide and re-infuse the area with 7-10%tincture iodine to dry up the area and prevent further infection with another 60cc syringe.

2.) Iodine

Iodine is a great medication to have for very small cuts and wounds. Don’t forget to bring it along.

3.) Copper Sulfate

Copper Sulfate (or Bluestone for our European friends) is used to help with hairy warts, as well as hardening the sole of the hoofs themselves in a footbath or a direct application.

4.) Black Salve Ichthammol

Black Salve Ichthammol is one of the best medications out there for dealing with swelling above the hairline or between the toes. Use it with large paper towels and wrap it on with a vet wrap or whatever wrap you use.

5.) Table Salt

Believe it or not, plain old table salt is incredibly effective for drying small, hairy warts (Stages 1 & 2) as well as hardening and drying soles and abscesses. It can be used mixed in with other antibacterial agents.

6.) Blocks and wraps

This is up to the individual user as to what they personally prefer. Do what works best for you, but our preference is Hooftite. They make the best hoof glue on the market.

For wraps, there are many other products that can be used with great success (for example, chlorine products and well as others). One chlorine product that is manufactured by Darrin Hamilton. We suggest his product. You can call him at 509-952-9010. His product works well for hairy warts.


This is only a small sampling important medications for hoof trimming that you should bring along. With the right arsenal of medications at your disposal, you will set yourself up for success. Your clients will thank you.

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