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The Riley Built® 1-Ton Hoof Trimming Chute is the perfect chute model for owners and operators who want speed and efficiency put back into the hoof trimming process. This model is completely hydraulic – including the cow pusher. It’s an all-in-one model that gives you the convenience of bringing the chute where you need to be, not to mention it’s fully stocked so there’s no need to purchase additional tools or supplies. Our 1-Ton Hoof Trimming Chute is sold factory direct to the consumer, which means savings for you. The protective cowling will protect your new investment, as well as your cows.


The Riley Built® Trailer Model Chute can be pulled by any half ton or larger pickup for easy transport. Your equipment will always be close at hand with plenty of tool space, medication, blocks, and wraps. All trailers are DOT approved.

The Riley Built® Stationary Hoof Trimming Chute is the model of choice for dairymen and cattlemen. This trim chute model was built with security for the cow in mind and features a hydraulic belly band (or optional hydraulic belly arm) stanchion, and layover, which keeps the cow comfortable and makes your job easier. The ease of using this Trimming Chute allows one man to get the job done in the same amount of time as three on a typical standup chute. Hydraulic cow pusher optional.


“Bill, I can’t thank you enough for being an incredible friend and mentor. Anyone who reads this and is thinking of buying a Riley Built, you not only will have the best chute in the world but a friend for life. The sky’s the limit with Riley Built, you just have to be willing to do the work and have an open ear. These folks are the best of the best.”

Steve Hatch

“We just wanted to thank you for your hospitality and tell you how grateful we are to consider you friends. We appreciate your taking time out of your holiday weekend to get us set with the rig and help us get our way home. It was a pleasure to do business with you.”

Byron & Lori Orton
Double O Hoof Trimming

“I’m writing to thank Bill Riley and Mark Larson for changing my Hoof Trimming career for the better. Since meeting up with Mark and Bill on three occasions, my trimming and business has improved and grown no end. Since having my Riley mounted chute on an Isuzu truck, things have gotten even better. I’ve had my truck for two and a half years and not one day’s trimming have I missed due to fault of the Chute.”

Darren Davies
Sunny South West Wales UK

“Hoof care is important to cattle, whether beef or dairy, cow or bull. Lame cattle don’t thrive. Since purchasing my Riley Built chute, I have gone from abhorring foot work to enjoying it. The ability to offer better and safer service to the cattle of my clientele is important and satisfying to me as a practitioner. I told Bill that the only regret I have on the chute is that I didn’t purchase a Riley Built chute 15 or 20 years ago.”

Pat Comyn

“After 3 years, I wanted to say thanks for the support, help and great chutes. After trimming on junk that was sure to kill me or the cow, a Riley Built chute was a welcome sight in my driveway. Now, 3 chutes later and growing to over 200,000 cows a year, thank you for making it all possible by building the best cattel handling equipment on earth.”

Brandon Beavers
Beavers Hoof Care Service, LLC

“Thank you very much for your continued support after I bought my Dairy Hoof Trimming Chute. Working with you was great. I was very confident that I was getting a great piece of equipment, and I did.

Along with getting an easy to use trimming chute, you gave me the guidance I needed to use it properly. Unlike most suppliers, our conversations and your help did not end after I bought my trimming chute. I really like the fact taht we keep in touch on a regular basis and you continue to help me make my business grow.

It is great knowing that I can call you anytime for your advice and suggestions. I look forward to buying a new table from you in the future. I wouldn’t buy a trimming chute from anyone else.”


“Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to visit Texas and spend some time hoof trimming with you It was a great experience. The knowledge I gained has helped me in consulting clients on a preventative hoof care in my veterinary practice.

I was very impressed with your chute design, especially the safety and ease of handling for both the operator and the animal. Cow after cow was quickly restrained for trimming without injury or stress and remained calm through the entire procedure. I am fully convinced that a tilt system such as yours is safer and more humane than an upright chute using only belly bands for support. The view of the hooves your table provides is excellent for accurate diagnosis and treatment of any claw or foot problem. Congratulations on a winning design, and keep up the good work.”

Alan Langill

“Just wanted to let you know that I am 100% satisfied with the new truck and chute. I really like the cow pusher and air bladder. There was never any doubt when it was time to replace my old truck and chute about buying another Riley Built. In my opinion, 30 seconds spent looking at others is 29 seconds too long. Thank you for building a chute that has helped me to produce a very good income for the past 13 years.”

Darrell Styczynski

“Your friendship and support have made a tremendous difference in my life. Thanks for everything. God bless.”

Ritchey Roberts

“Bill, I just finished the first day trimming on my new 2011 Riley Built table. I wanted to let you know how well it worked. I love it. This is the fourth Riley Built table I’ve owned in 11 years, and by far is the nicest and best. The knew features are awesome. The cow pusher feature is absolutely the best improvement yet. It worked very well and made the day so easy I felt like I was “cheating”. Thanks again for another very well built quality product.”

Keith Snow

“I’ve dealt with Bill Riley & Mark Larson since 2009 when I purchased my original chute. I myself am about to get delivery of my 3rd chute and in total have imported 14 into Australia with another 3 on the way.
The service Bill & Mark give me is second to none and when I’ve been in the USA their hospitality has been incredible, to the point where I would consider Bill and Mark more good friends than just business associates.
The after sales service I get from Bill is excellent. I’ve trained with Mark both in the USA and here in Australia and learnt so much. The days Mark did in Australia with some of my vet clients was awesome and 3 yrs later my clients still talk about how the technique he taught them, it makes such a big difference to how the cows walk away from how they had previously been shown.
The Riley Built Chutes are built to stand up to the roughest conditions and handle pretty much any animal, the majority of the work I do is dairy cattle but now and then will do beef bulls with the largest to date being in the vicinity of 3000 lbs. The push arm that they developed has transformed the crush to another level making operator safety paramount not to mention easy to get those stubborn cows or bulls in.
All of my clients love the cow comfort of the chutes and always comment on how the cows aren’t stressed with the built in shoulder pad adding to the comfort. There’s nothing I see that I would change on the chutes so all in all a well-designed chute that will give yrs of trouble free service.”

Peter Best

“Thank you for building the only trimming table that any knowledgeable hooftrimmer/dairyman would spend money on.”

Robert K. Olson

“Hey there, first of all I want to apologize for not writing you sooner, I have been trimming on your chute for 5 years now and have been so impressed at how dependable the truck mounted chute has been for me. I have trimmed close to 100,000 head with it and am amazed at how well built it is. I have a great business and my customers love and appreciate how carefully and well the chute cares for their cows. Bill I have to say that your help and advice over the years have made all the difference.”

Lamar Linde
LJ linde Inc. Professional Dairy Hoof Trimming

“I thought this was funny, so I thought I would quickly share with you both about your future hooftrimmers who want to buy a Riley Built truck.
The other day, my boys were outside playing and I was listening to what they were talking about. Wyatt ( 4 years old) was pretending to be on the phone talking with you. He said, ” Yep, Mr. Riley, we want a black chute truck and a yellow one”. Then Everett ( 3 years old ) took the phone and said “because a Riley truck is the only way to go, and we will be there to pick them up soon”. They hung up the phone and Everett asked Wyatt where is Mr.Riley Trucks at. Wyatt told him you know, in Texas right next to Tennessee.
Later when I asked them about it they were telling me that they are going to help dad trim cows feet and that they are going to buy their own Riley truck. One black for Wyatt and one yellow for Everett.”


“I want to again thank you for all your help over the last 2 years and what I already knew was totally reassured last week when I was forced to trim a stand-up chute. I think I repeated the phrase “what a piece of junk” 1000x per cow. I’ve never operated a more dangerous, to both cow and operator, chute in my life. Had my phone worked at that very moment I would have called and thanked you for building the ABSOLUTE best chute available and despite what so called “experts”, like Jan Shear and Nigel Cook, may think. The Riley way of trimming is the only way to trim.
I couldn’t believe hoards even printed the article I read this week saying that concaving the soul of a cow’s foot was bad and that pedal bone didn’t play a big role in lameness like in horses I’d like to show them all the ulcers I’ve dug out from pedal bone bruises let alone that cows belong walking on the outsides of their feet as we both know. Anyway THANK YOU!”

Steve Hatch

“I Just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed my Riley Built Trim Chute. I’ve had many compliments from my customers about the cow comfort and the way I can handle the cows by myself.
Everything you promised me about this chute is absolutely true. Since I purchased the chute I’ve sold my dairy cows and became a full time hoof trimmer because business has been so good. Keep up the good work! Thanks for everything.”

Darrell Brooks

“It was a year ago that I almost made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I was thinking about becoming a hoof trimmer and had all but decided to buy an upright shoot, and have a man that I knew real well, and that had done our trimming for years train me on the art of hoof trimming. He had me so convinced that no farmer would ever use a table anymore because they were unsafe and unfriendly.
One of the things that bothered me about his operation was the fact that he needed someone with him to help get them in the chute and pick up the feet so that he could trim. I knew that if I was going to become a good hoof trimmer I wanted the ability to do quality, fast, and efficient work on my own. We all know what it’s like to have to worry about hired help not showing up! That was one worry I didn’t want. These few details convinced me to check out other options of tables to find what I was looking for, and one that farmers would like.
One day, I heard about an individual named Bill Riley, and I decided to give him a call. He would eventually sell me a truck mounted tilt table that definitely rose above all the rest. I was trained by a friend of Bill Riley’s who taught me how to properly trim cows feet. Bill Riley’s tilt table and trimming methods were the best I have ever seen! It was unreal to see a cow stand up on her toes and not sag back on her heels! This is one of the biggest advantages over an upright chute that I, and other farmers I work with, have been impressed about. On an upright chute it’s been said that it’s easier to trim from heel to toe because of foot angle, but on Bill’s table the feet are secured, and all sides of the foot are clearly visible and accessible from every angle! The cow’s comfort level on Bill’s table, is better in my opinion, because they can lie comfortably in a natural position while their feet are being trimmed.
The farmers I work with have commented time and time again on how well they like the position of the cow, the foot angle and the way in which we trim. Bill’s style of trimming is clearly the right way! I was trimming for a gentleman early this fall that had an upright table trimmer early in the spring. The farmer lost three cows due to the way the upright trimmer had trimmed his cow’s feet… he had trimmed the heels off! The farmer had a veterinarian out to look at them and the vet couldn’t believe how they took the heels off, and how the chute and trimmers banged up the cows’ hips. And that’s the second comment like that I’ve heard.
So, the fact is, you can either have an upright chute and walk in circles all day to pick up their feet by hand, or you can learn to trim the right way with a hydraulic tilt table made by Bill Riley. The choice is yours, but my choice and only option I would recommend is to use a tilt table made by Bill Riley. Are you concerned about the difference of number of cows? Well, I have seen and done 60 to 100 cows a day using Bill Riley’s tilt table. And that’s with one person….. not the two that it takes with an upright! If you want to learn the right method of trimming and are willing to work, just call Bill Riley and the farmers will be calling you because you’ll be doing it the right way. And you’ll have the best tilt table you’ve ever seen.”

Bruce Olson

“As you know, I have used Riley Built chutes for over 7 years now. We purchased our 6th chute in October of 2000. We have 3 in circulation and we have sold 3 to other hoof trimmers and/or dairymen. All chutes are out there working all the time.
Why do we stick with Riley Built chutes? Well I am 6’4″ and my sons who operate the other 2 are 6’8″. These chutes can be adjusted in such a way that we do not have to bend over in order to trim cows. This fact alone attracted me to them from the beginning. I have seen many chutes from Vermont all the way to California. I just think that these are the best. You simply get what you pay for.
Also the training that you receive is excellent and is given by guys who know what they are doing. I myself have had training in several places including Holland, Ontario Canada but it wasn’t until I received training from Bill Riley and follow up conversations that I finally caught on to how to trim a hoof properly. I believe that I became very confident after visiting with Bill in December of 1994. We have become best friends over the years and that is mostly because if what I have learned over the years.
I am looking forward to getting our number 7 chute in the near future as there will be new updates on it as always. The improvements that Bill makes each year on the chute are very much appreciated. Thanks Bill for helping build 2 successful generations of hoof trimmers in our family.”

Adriaan Verburg
Adriaan Verburg & Sons – New Mexico & Arizona

“As a second generation trimmer I have picked up a lot of tips from my Dad. One I am really pleased with is the Riley Truck Mounted Chute. I have trimmed on several different chutes on different dairies and working for another trimmer and all it did was make me appreciate the thought that Bill put into his design.
The thing I like most about Bill Riley’s chutes is the simplicity of the design. 1 electric motor, 1 hydro pump, 1 hydro motor and 5 hydro cylinders makes it easy to maintain. As a tall (6’8”) trimmer I also appreciate the way that he chute tips totally flat and the adjustable height. Not much else to say except for “Thanks Bill for putting the Quality Chute on the market.”

Josh Verburg

“I enjoyed the phone conversation, but not as much as I’m enjoying the tilt table. I should have gotten this years ago, but you know how bull headed Irishmen are. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.”

George Cody

“How are you doing? This is Mitch Ackerman just saying “hi” and that so far business is going very well for me. Everyday that I do not work at the pd, I have been trimming, doing twice the business in the month of March than what I expected. I just wanted to say “hi”.”

Mitch Ackerman

“Thanks for everything you have done for me. I consider you one good friend. If there is anything I can do for you just let me know.”

Jason Harkey

“I really like this truck. So much easier to handle and drive. I appreciate the way you set everything up for me. It’s made my job easier. I feel less fatigued at the end of a long day and the ride home is so much more pleasant. Just today I was talking to a client that has seen anew fancy stand up chute in operation at a Burgi seminar. He said it seemed like a lot of hassle to him to spend that much money on that many moving parts just to have t pick up each foot separately. He noted the trimming was much slower with the stand up chute.
I guess most of all I appreciate your mentorship. I believe it’s important to have solid relationships with people that are older and wiser to help with business and life. You have been that kind of business associate, mentor, and friend. Thanks so much for all the help you have been for me over the years. I hope you have a great Christmas with your family.”

Steve Jansma

“I just wanted to let you know, I appreciate the excellent knowledge and support that comes with the purchasing a Riley Built Chute, I would highly recommend it to anyone.”

Aaron Smedley

“We wanted to let you know we’re very happy with the chute. Rick likes to call it the“ Cadillac of Chutes” . He’s very impressed by the hydraulics, support legs, and the head door. He also LOVES the speed, something he didn’t have with his old chute. Thank you so much for all you have done.”

Jenny & Rick Davidson
JR. JR’S Hoofcare, LLC.

“This letter is to all those considering a hoof chute purchase. I’ve at several different chutes over the years and Riley Built is the only chute I will trim on. I just bought my second truck mounted hoof trimming chute and I can confidently say Bill has got these things engineered down to a science. So, if you want to quit screwing around and be a professional hoof trimmer, use a Riley Built chute. You won’t be sorry.”

Randy Hettinga

“I trimmed for nearly sixteen years in an upright chute before going for a British built rollover, which I kept for two years, before buying the Riley. I now appreciate the difference between using something built by an agricultural engineer and using something built by a hoof trimmer who understands engineering. It’s the small things that add up and make a big difference!”

Andrew Tyler Wales

“As far as I can remember I have been around hoof trimming. In that time I have seen a lot of smoke and mirrors in the industry too. As time goes on it seems more companies are attempting to reinvent the wheel with the customer as the guinea pig. After being in that boat I knew it was time to call up a name that has stood the test of time. Ever since then I have not looked back. The reliability of this trimming chute has given me great peace of mind. It is the true definition of tried and true. I only regret not purchasing a truck sooner. I look forward to many more cows and repeat business. Thank you for building a chute worth trimming on.”

Garrett Dow
Quality Hoof Care

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I am 100% satisfied with the new truck and hoof trimming chute. I really like the cow pusher and air bladder. There was never any doubt when it was time to replace my old truck and trim chute about buying another Riley Built. In my opinion 30 seconds spent looking at others is 29 seconds too long. Thank You for building a chute that has helped me to produce a very good income for the past 13 years.”

Darrell Styczynski

“Gday Bill,

Had an interesting day with an American Girl today who’s married to an aussie. This chick has been to the Karl Burgi courses in the USA and was a Burgi disciple through and through. She wants to be a hoof trimmer so has been onto me about a trimming unit, my mobile unit is down the western district being used by the vets there so I took her to where I have installed one of the stationary units and did a dozen or so lame cows and cripples demonstrating the “US Method” you and Mark have taught me. It was about a 90 minute drive to the dairy farm and I explained the method as we were driving over and she couldn’t understand how the “US Method” could get a cow up on its toes without flattening the soles like the Dutch method says you have to do.

Surprise Surprise – First cow out of the chute after hoof trimming had her converted – she couldn’t get over how by bringing the toes back and coving out the inside of the hoof the cow was up on her toes and walking better. She also couldn’t get over how little time it took to trim the cow compared to what it has previously taken her to do on upright chutes. We only did about a dozen cows and at the end of the trimming, I jokingly suggested to her, so she felt as if she had worked on an upright chute, she should probably roll in the pile of cow shit under the chute because it would have been down the back of her neck had she worked the upright chute – she did see the funny side and commented on how she had stayed so much cleaner working the tipping chute.

Interesting thing she said on the way home after the day about Burgi which only proves he’s a snake in the grass. She said that she contacted him and mentioned that I was taking her to see a Riley Built Layover chute work and a different method which you and Mark had shown me – Burgi’s words to her was to be very careful of me and that I didn’t know what I was talking about as if I was the devil I guess, poor old Karl must be feeling a wee bit threatened by someone challenging what he preaches. He also told her that she would never make a trimmer after letting on I was going to spend time with her which I think is totally uncalled for but you know him better than me and it probably doesn’t surprise you his reaction.

Anyways, I found it amusing his comments about me.

This chick, as enthusiastic as she is about becoming a trimmer in Australia, might struggle due to the fact she has 3 little kids aged 1, 2 and 3 but I will certainly try and help her get up and going just to shit Karl off.”

Peter Best

“I just finished the first day with a 2011 Riley Built hoof trimming chute. This is my third truck and chute from Bill. The last truck I kept for ten years and still had ten more years in it. I just wanted to upgrade to some of the new things he had added. The cow pusher is the best upgrade I have seen. I trimmed about sixty cows today and I was sold on it after about ten cows. I don’t take to change very well but this thing is smooth and makes trimming a lot easier, safer and more enjoyable. I didn’t realize that I needed this thing until I actually had one. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed trimming on this truck today. I have been trimming for 20 years and it is hard to impress me but this trim chute did it today. Thanks bill for all your help and support.”

Jason Harkey

“I bought my first hoof trimming table from Bill five years ago and continue to be happy with the support he gives me. Unfortunately, do to an accident, I had to buy my second table sooner than it was really needed. However, Bill was able to get me my new trim table in less than a week.

Most businessmen might have taken advantage of the fact that I needed a table right away, yet Bill did the opposite. I felt that he was on my side helping me get back on my feet rather than trying to figure out how to take advantage of the situation I was in.

Bill continues to be just a phone call away which gives me a lot of confidence in my own hoof trimming. If you want a reference for Bill, don’t hesitate to get my number from him and I can give you more of an insight about him and the way he works.”


“Last year our company, Business Service Partners, bought one Riley Built Hydraulic Layover Chute 230V/50Hz with hydraulic head station, belly bands and all anchoring equipment. We have moved the trimming chute to Russia and it works perfect. As a result, other customers in Russia are wanting to buy your hoof trimming equipment.”

Arkady Zalan

“Bill, thank you for your amazing design of my hoof trimming chute. I’m sorry to hear about the off patent breaches of your chutes… I’m happy with mine and wouldn’t change a thing.. Thank you for your after sales service with my new spool valves you sent me.. I did not expect that! Well done with your great design and successful buisness.”

Ashley Morris


Riley Built® Hoof Trimming Chutes and Equipment are unique and award-winning patented chutes. Founder Bill Riley has been recognized as a leader in the hoof trimming industry, serving on the Jobs and Prosperity Task Force Advisory Board for Newt Gingrich and as President of the National Hoof Trimmers Association. With over 31 years of experience as a hoof trimmer, and in the business since 1969, our patented equipment is second to none with reliability and safety, the priority for the trimmer and the cow.