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Riley Built Chute Maintenance

As with any equipment, it is important to keep your stationary hoof trimming chute clean. A decent washing daily or after use will suffice with a deep cleaning monthly.

Hydraulic rollups should be greased at the grease zerks at least monthly. I suggest simply doing it the first of every month. That way, you will not forget. All door hinges should be sprayed with a product such as WD-40 after each use or each washing.

Also, grease points should be done monthly on pivot points which have grease zerks. In reality, these rigs will last a good 20 years minimum with simple maintenance.

Operating the Chute

Now, let’s move on to the instruction manual portion on how to run your rig properly. It’s important here to note that the control valves, as I am sure you have probably mastered by now, operate in one way. That is, every valve lever pulled out brings its own controlled part of the chute out or down. Respectively, every valve lever pushed in brings its designated part in or up.

The levers are in the order that you will be using them in. For example, the first lever will go in closing the head stanchion after running the cow in. The second lever in will pull the belly bands up to the desired position. After closing the back door, the third lever in will lay the cow to the layover position.

Tie the legs in this order: right rear first, left rear second, left front third, and right front last. After trimming, tie under the legs in the reverse order: right front first, left front second, left rear third, right rear last.

Bottom lever out to the break over point and then feather lever not under power bringing the cow back to the proper standing position.

The second and first lever out, bringing the belly bands down and bringing the head stanchion to the open position simultaneously.

Open the front door utilizing stomp assembly, releasing the animal, and then close the front door and open the back door. You are now ready to load the next animal.

Riley Built Hoof Trimming Chutes

I hope this helps you with your Riley Built stationary hoof trimming chute.

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If you have any further questions please feel free to drop me a line or call me personally.

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*Everything said about the belly bands is unnecessary if you have the belly pan instead.