We at Riley Built highly value each and every one of our customers. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to provide the #1 bullet-proof Hoof Trimming Chute on the market today.

Nathan Kaple

Enjoy your new trailer! We know you’ll like it!


Joe Mask with Rafter M. Cattle Co.

Thank you for your business and thank you for your kind phone calls.


H. Dudley with Livestock Vet Services

Dr. Dudley, thank you for your business. We know the trailer will provide you with years and years of value!


Lamar Linde

Lamar, our old friend, enjoy your 7th new truck chute! It befits your status as a trimmer.


Joe Avila

Joe, thank you for purchasing your new Riley Built truck chute through us! I think this was number 5, so thank you five times!


Mark Kroes with Twinview Farms

Mark, good luck with the new Stationary Chute! If you need anything, let us know!


Lex Smith

Lex, we know you will enjoy the new Stationary Chute to go with both of your truck model Riley Built chutes.


Terry Paskewitz

Terry, we know you will enjoy your new used Riley Built truck model. We know that you will see a turnaround in profits to go with your great decision!


Greg Davis

Greg, enjoy the new Stationary Chute! If you have any questions, call us 24/7. We’ll ALWAYS be there for you.


Eric DeJager

Eric, enjoy the new Stationary Chute! Let us know if you should need anything in the future. We will be there for you.


James Fisher with NQ Agricultural Services

James, enjoy the new Stationary Chute! Thank you for your purchase. If your customers should need anything, they are welcome to call us direct. Scores of customers like you in Austrailia.


John Middendorf

John, thanks for another purchase of a new truck! I know your business is doing great and you do the industry a great service. Keep up the good work. I look for you to be a real leader in the industry one day.


Jon Gilbert

Jon, enjoy the Stationary Chute! Work it hard, and it will work hard for you! If you ever need anything in the future, we’re one phone call away! Thank you!